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Truths (and then some more truths)

After reading this post at No to Borders and Binaries I had to include a link for others to read. People tend to forget that this country has a long history of involving itself in the affairs of many of the countries whose people end up crossing our borders. Immigration does not occur in a vacuum. There is cause and effect at play here, and often United States foreign policy can be a (direct or indirect) cause for the migration of people.

I also wanted to quote one excerpt from the post. With the amount of comments that seem to be focused on the word “illegal” I’ve seen recently, I find it incredibly appropriate:

…be it resolved, that no human being can be illegal–it is not a permanent immutable characteristic. Lets stop criminalizing the natural and age-old phenomenon of human migration.

Check out the full post, here. I think its some good food for thought…

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