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Trump Administration Keeps Dreamers Hostage, Pushes White Supremacy Agenda Further

For Immediate Release: October 9, 2017

Trump Administration Keeps Dreamers Hostage, Pushes White Supremacy Agenda Further

Communities Across America to Trump: No Deal!

(Washington)—Kica Matos, spokesperson for the Fair Immigration Reform Movement (FIRM), issued the following statement after the White House released its immigration principles:

“The White House’s ‘immigration principles’ are nothing short of White Supremacists’ list of demands to ethnically cleanse the country and intimidate black and brown communities. The lives of 800,000 young people—young Americans—are hanging in the balance as Trump plays games with members of congress. This is not a reality show; this is real life.

The White Supremacist list of demands includes money for the border wall and hiring 10,000 more ICE agents and seeks to restrict options and due process for young children seeking asylum from dangerous conditions in their own countries. The White House wants to establish a merit-based immigration system to ‘protect American workers.’ However, the reality is that immigrants do not take jobs from Americans. Wealthy CEOs, like Trump and his children, who move jobs overseas, are the real job killers. Immigrants help grow and revitalize our economy and our communities across the country.

We cannot sit back as White Supremacists in the White House continue pushing their divisive agenda forward. Love trumps hate every single time. Make America White Again is not going to succeed because we are not going to stop building the resistance.”


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