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Julie Myers, Assistant Secretary of ICE, Announces Resignation

In a statement issued by Michael Chertoff of the Department of Homeland Security yesterday, it was announced that Julie Myers will resign from Immigration and Customs Enforcement on Novemeber 15th.


Chertoff noted Myers’ “acheivements”. Among them:

Under Julie’s leadership, ICE has undertaken exceptional law enforcement operations with unprecedented results. She has instituted and overseen several key law enforcement programs that have dramatically enhanced the department’s efforts to curb illegal immigration and ensure strong enforcement of customs laws. ICE has set enforcement records for three consecutive fiscal years in criminal alien and fugitive arrests, worksite enforcement, and overall alien removals. She has implemented programs that have transformed how federal, state and local law enforcement work together, share information and enhance public safety.

In other words, more raids that tear communities and families apart, more immigrants pushed into the shadows because they fear public safety officials and more unregulated power being pumped through the department.

Lets hope Myers’ resignation marks a new era for the department.

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Winning the Fight of Our Lives

Subhash Kateel has written a great article in the current edition of LeftTurn. Going beyond green cards and legalization, Kateel writes about the immigrant prison-industrial complex and predictions that have unfortunately come true in recent years.

During the debate over Immigration Reform in 2006 and 2007, it was said that:

 A system was developing that would systematically criminalize and attack immigrants’ lives as people of color and working people. This emerging apartheid would use the criminal justice-, prison-, and deportation systems – and any other system – at its disposal to make lives of immigrants – both legal and undocumented – as hard as possible. What we would see, whether we won reform or not, would be more arrests, more raids, more detentions, and more deportations. In sum, more destruction of our communities.

Sadly, this prediction has proved to be right on target.

We felt no satisfaction when government tactics confirmed our worst fears. No one wants to be right or prophetic when predicting the destruction of our communities. 

For whatever reason the link to the full article at LeftTurn.org isn’t working. Click here to read the full text on the Education, Equity, Politics and Policy in Texas blog.

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Because I Must Mention It…

While I was gone, the Department of Homeland Security decided to scrap “Operation Scheduled Departure”. The Program was cancelled after three weeks and $41,000 of taxpayer money.

8 people were said to have participated in the doomed program.


Why it took even this long for ICE to figure it out is a testament to the fact of how out of touch Washington is with the reality, NOT of immigration enforcement, but the reasons why undocumented immigrants continue to stay here and continue to come to the United States. 


Let’s hope this doesn’t embolden even more enforcement only measures (as though it could get worse).

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