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State and Local Roundup


NJ: Cresitello Defends Immigration Enforcement Plan – Mayor Donald Cresitello defended his proposal to have local police enforce federal immigration laws during a forum Saturday that included a panel of immigration lawyers and advocates.

UT: Some Agencies Resist Role Enforcing ICE Laws – Some law-enforcement leaders in Salt Lake County have been outspoken about their reservations to cross-deputize their officers, but others are waiting before making a decision.

TX: Backlash Grows over Screenings for ICE At Jail – Mayor Bill White is facing increasing hostility over his decision to have the city participate in a federal program that trains local jailers to act as immigration agents.

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U.S. Citizens Arrested as Undocumented Immigrants


Yesterday, the Associated Press published a lengthy article revealing just how broken our current immigration system is. Not only, they report, have at least a dozen U.S. Citizens been deported, but hundreds are unlawfully arrested and detained each month.

…citizens still end up in detention because the system is overwhelmed, acknowledged Victor Cerda, who left Immigration and Customs Enforcement in 2005 after overseeing the system.

The result is the detention of citizens with the fewest resources: the mentally ill, minorities, the poor, children and those with outstanding criminal warrants, ranging from unpaid traffic tickets to failure to show up for probation hearings. Most at risk are Hispanics, who made up the majority of the cases the AP found.

“The more the system becomes confused, the more U.S. citizens will be wrongfully detained and wrongfully removed,” said Bruce Einhorn, a retired immigration judge who now teaches at Pepperdine Law School. “They are the symptom of a larger problem in the detention system. … Nothing could be more regrettable than the removal of our fellow citizens.”

The full article is pretty shocking and worth the read. Like I have said time and time again, the broken immigration system does not just effect immigrants, it effects all of us.

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State and Local Roundup


CA: Group: Detained Immigrants Kept in Squalid Basement: Immigrants held by the federal government are being detained in a squalid basement where conditions are foul-smelling and dirty, a civil rights group said in a lawsuit.

WA: Seattle Raid Raises Questions About Shift in Enforcement: The disclosure Wednesday that illegal immigrants in Seattle were given permission to work in the country has triggered alarms on Capitol Hill that the Obama administration is making a fundamental shift in the enforcement of the nation’s immigration laws.

NM: Roswell Hispanics Claim Police Racial Profiling: Roswell residents’ complaints about racial profiling of Hispanics by police officers have prompted a state advocacy group to request intervention from the U.S. Justice Department and the state attorney general’s office.

GA: Senate Bill Links Road Money to Immigration Status: Local governments that don’t check to make sure they are not hiring illegal immigrants could lose state money for building roads, under legislation that passed the Senate on Wednesday.

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