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VIDEO: Addressing America’s Health Apartheid

Check out this video of our Executive Director, Deepak Bhargava, addressing the racial disparities of Health Care in America. Equity must be a part of any true reform of the system – one part of that equity is immigrant inclusion.

Originally posted at the CCC blog – HT to Dennis Chin, videographer extraordinaire.

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FIRM Spotlight: NAKASEC and NWFCO: SCHIP Passes, HUGE Victory for Immigrant Children

GYI0000664309.jpgLast week, SCHIP (the State Children’s Health Insurance Program) passed the Senate, ensuring that 11 million children from low-income families will have needed health insurance. This is a HUGE win for immigrant rights and healthcare and FIRM is so proud of the tireless work done by our partners to make this happen.

NAKASEC and NWFCO, both members of FIRM and the Health Rights Organizing Project, helped lead the fight for immigrant children’s healthcare.

“Everyone who lives and works in the United States should be able to get the medical care that they need. Reauthorization of the Children’s Health Insurance Program is a great first step towards larger healthcare reforms that would benefit everyone,” says EunSook Lee, Executive Director of the National Korean American Service & Education Consortium (NAKASEC).

The Korean Resource Center (KRC) conceived of, and co-led with NAKASEC, a national campaign to achieve access to affordable health insurance for children and their families, towards the larger goal of universal coverage. As part of the Health Rights Organizing Project, the two groups collaborated with others to stage a related art exhibit this past week in Washington, DC. Delegations of exhibited young artists and campaign organizers met with legislators about the importance of promoting healthcare for all children.

You can learn more about the campaign and the exhibit at their website www.iwantobehealthytoo.org.

And thanks to everyone who called, faxed and emailed their Senators to ensure the bill passed. This feels like a true turning point for our New Congress. Many conservative Senators put forward amendments trying to turn the bill into a proxy war for their anti-immigrant agenda, but we refused to let that happen. It is time that our government stood up for the rights of children and immigrants – lets hope this is just the beginning.

CONGRATULATIONS to everyone who worked so hard to make this a reality.

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ACTION: Call your Senator to Support Immigrant Children!

Yesterday the House reauthorized SCHIP – including a section of the bill that provides for legal immigrant children and pregnant mothers. The bill will now move to the Senate for an even tougher fight.


Take five minutes out of your day to stand up for immigrant children and their mothers. CALL YOUR SENATOR TODAY:  Click here for a list of Senators and their office phone numbers – listed by state.

Here is a sample message:

“Hi, I want to leave a message for my Senator. I/my organization support full funding to re-authorize the SCHIP program, and I/we want legal immigrant kids to be included in SCHIP. Please vote to reauthorize SCHIP, and oppose any amendments that might create more barriers for legal immigrant kids. Thank you.”

Once you’ve called your Senator, please take a moment to contact Senate Finance Committee Chair Max Baucus (202) 224-2651 and Senate Leader Harry Reid (202) 224-3542 with this message:

“I/my organization support full funding to re-authorize the SCHIP program, and I/we want legal immigrant kids to be included in SCHIP.  Please oppose any secondary amendments that undermine coverage for these kids. Thank you”

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