Community Guidelines

FIRM's social and digital media are operated by the Center for Community Change.

By participating in discussion on any FIRM social media property, you agree to our community guidelines:

First, we encourage conversation, debate, and ideas. That’s why you’re here: to talk about real, really important, things.

Second, our responsibility is to people who want to have productive conversations. So, we reserve the right to delete posts that are: profane, false, spam, off topic or irrelevant; violent or aggressive, racist or hateful; illegal or promoting illegal activities ; commercial or product marketing.

We will remove offensive comments at our discretion. Editing and deleting comments is not indicative of our stance on any particular issue; it is simply a measure taken to douse out flame wars and encourage intelligent commentary.

People who violate this policy more than once will be removed. People who don’t will be free to enjoy a healthy conversation on important issues.

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