Securing Access to Public Services

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A leaked proposal from the Department of Homeland Security reveals the Trump administration's intention to punish immigrants and their US-born children for using common public services. No changes have been implemented yet, but this infographic (Spanish version below) explains what changes we could see in the near future.

The Basics

The proposed changes to the public charge rule could force immigrant moms and dads to choose between meeting basic needs and keeping their families together in this country. Not only is this heinous and cruel, it goes against the values that define our nation. 

The administration is using race to undermine the social safety net by intentionally pitting white against black, non-immigrant against immigrant. Everyone deserves the opportunity to fulfill their dreams. Through the proposed changes in the public charge rule, the Trump administration is taking that opportunity away from millions of US-citizen children, and keeping millions of immigrant families away from each other. 

What's at stake

Non-emergency Medicaid (with limited exceptions including those benefits received by children of U.S. citizens who will be automatically eligible to become citizens); Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP); Medicare Part D Low Income Subsidy; and Housing assistance, such as public housing or Section 8 housing vouchers and rental assistance

These programs provide a lifeline for families who need a little help making ends meet. Denying children these benefits have long-term effects on their mental and physical wellbeing.

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Infographic en español