Your home could be next

The New York Times reported this month on Peggy De La Rosa-Delgado, a U.S. citizen caught up in recent ICE raids in Long Island, New York. Her home was raided twice by federal agents looking for the same individual who, as far she knows, never lived at her address. ICE detained her family, pointed a gun at a family member, and made them all prove they had a legal right to live in the home she bought in 2003. De La Rosa-Delgado’s experience is not exceptional. Nassau County police involved in the raids say that despite entering dozens of homes, ICE only caught six of the 96 fugitives it was looking for. >> Get the coverage at Think Progress

Despite lawsuits, public outcry, and human rights infractions, ICE continues to raids our private homes- in the middle of the night, armed to the hilt, they're coming for all of us. Indiscriminate wiretaps, indiscriminate house raids without warrants.... this isn't the government we want. Call you senator today and tell them you want raids on homes STOPPED.

RaidsFIRM Admin