You have until May 14 to VOTE for a fresh voice on public radio!

Public Radio is launching a national talent quest for a new radio show! For all of you who love your public radio you have until MAY 14 to cast your vote for the content and the personality you'd like to hear next. What does this have to do with immigrant rights? EVERYTHING.

We all know that mainstream media has overlooked the critical stories coming out of hte immigrant rights movement AND from the broader social justice movement. We get to hear thousands of stories (oft repeated) about the 60's and 70's- whihc is great- but we need a new voice of inspiration for our OWN times. Stories from our social justice movements inspire, bring us energy, and they encourage others to join our fight, which is why it is crucial that we have a STRONGER voice for our interest in the larger media.

I'd like to point you to one contestant in particular who promises to bring a fresh and passionate voice to the airwaves- Will Coley. Will has been doing amazing advocacy around detention, immigration and labor rights on three different continents and he continues to carry the torch high for our fight. You can check out Will's clip HERE - PLEASE VOTE, and leave a comment!

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