You have the right to remain silent, and be drugged

The 39-year-old immigrant, who now lives in Fontana, east of Los Angeles, said he cooperated with detention officials and asked only to call his wife to tell her that he was being deported. The immigration officer preparing him for the trip said no, he said.

"He said, 'Do you need medication, Raymond?' And I said, 'No, I'm OK, I'm fine,'" Soeoth said. "I begged them to please don't do it."

Ok... did you see the Colbert Report [click on "the word" - Mighty Duck] on Tuesday night? Well this MAY not be as bad as electrodes on nutsacks, but the drugging of prisoners against their will is CLEARLY not right. Our justice system does not have the right to drug someone to knock them out- period. No matter what crime you committed, or what country you are from.

The ACLU is trying to take a stand:

"Before, I just heard the rumors that people can be deported and they give them an injection, but now it's come to myself. I cannot believe it, but they did it to me," Soeoth said in a telephone interview as he waited for fares at Los Angeles International Airport. "They treated me like a criminal. I just count on my friends in the church and we keep praying for them, so that they don't do that to other people."

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