With the Mask Off, Trump Doubles Down on Immigrant Attacks

For Immediate Release: January 11, 2018

With the Mask Off, Trump Doubles Down on Immigrant Attacks

(WASHINGTON)— Kica Matos, spokesperson for the Fair Immigration Reform Movement (FIRM), issued the following statement in response to Donald Trump’s comment today referring to Haiti, El Salvador and African countries as “shithole countries” in a discussion with members of Congress about a potential immigration deal:

“Donald Trump lowered the bar even further today with his vile comments about Haiti, El Salvador and African countries. He reconfirmed what we already know: He has fully embraced white supremacy and has no limits to his attacks on people of color. His comments do not reflect the American values many of us hold close to our hearts. His disgraceful approach to immigration reform is leaving millions of young immigrants and TPS holders vulnerable to his deportation machine.

Members of Congress must denounce his hateful words and stand up to him. It’s time they do their job and pass the DREAM Act. Our families, and our country deserve better than a racist-in-chief whose ethnic cleansing policies receive the defacto support of a dysfunctional and enabling Republican party.”