Why people are undocumented

There is a great post at Dream Act Texas today that talks about reasons why people are undocumented. For those of you who insist that the "illegals" should "do it the right way" and "stand in line like the others", make sure you pay attention.

Here are some excerpts:

1. "My Mom didn't regularize me in 1986 because she didn't want me to get drafted when I was older. "

2. "My family applied for their residency, with my grandfather as our sponsor, but he died. There was no one left to sponsor us."

3. "My family waited so long for their residency papers, that I was already over 21 years old and was no longer allowed to apply as part of the group."

4. "My Mom moved here a month after I was born. Imagine, a few days earlier and I'd be an American citizen."

5. "Our family wanted to regularize, but we did not have the thousands of dollars charged by the lawyers."

6. "I could not afford the fees to purchase my Mexican passport. Since the passport alone wouldn't help me get to the U.S. I still had to gather the money for crossing - which was first priority. In Mexico most people only make 20 dollars per week."

7. "I was only 10. Mom and I had been separated for 5 years. She desperately wanted me with her. She had not been able to fix her papers, and didn't expect to do so for a very long time, so she paid someone to bring me across. She believed I was too young to be separated from her."

8. "U.S. immigration favors rich people. Rich Mexicans are welcomed here. You can see that at Houston's Galleria. A family that has a combined income of $20 per week has little chance to come across with a visa.