Why Immigration is a Priority Issue

flic-rally-43On Tuesday, Frank Sharry of America's Voice, was featured on NPR's Morning Edition.

In recent years, political advice on immigration in both parties has gone something like this: "It's the third rail of politics." "The less said, the better." "If you say anything, talk tough."

But with President-elect Barack Obama's solid win — and his overwhelming support from Latinos — some think that advice may change.

"What the election showed is that the conventional wisdom on why immigration reform is too hot to handle is wrong," says Frank Sharry of America's Voice, a pro-immigration lobbying group. (click here to listen to the full story)

Sharry's comment is backed up by the numbers. Immigrants and Latinos voted in record numbers during this past election, especially in key states like Nevada, New Mexico, Colorado and Florida. They are the electorate that helped put Obama in power and guess what - one of their top priorities is immigration. For more on this, check out the America's Voice blog.