Who's your daddy, armed fighter?

Well, if you're in a "developing" country chances are, your weapons sugar papa is US. I'll write a post later on why I hate the phrase developing world- for now let's focus on the matter at hand:    We have poor gun control here, which feeds into an industry that supports violence there. We persecute migrants here, without acknowledging that they are often forced to migrate because of violence, instability and pain there (heightened by the gun industry we, and our good brothers in Europe support). Youth die on the streets (and in schools) here, Youth die on the streets there. The poor are unable to find living wage jobs here, the poor are unable to find living wage jobs there.

Conservatives would have our communities believe that migrants come because they want MORE. They spread the lie that we are separate economies, and communities - Us vs. Them. When in truth, our economies, our societies and our children are inextricably linked. There is no here without there and vice versa.

Perhaps we need to send a message to Rahm Emanuel, Romney, Clinton, and anyone else who thinks they are big enough to direct our country, letting them know that immigration isn't a wedge issue- it's a life and death issue that ties us all into the same broken system pulling us all down, down...