What you can do to help Elvira Arellano

Call Julie Myers, Assistant Secretary for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement IMMEDIATELY and REPEATEDLY and tell her to immediately release Elvira Arellano and stop tearing apart families!Phone: (202) 305-2734 at the Office of Detention and Removal Operations.Also call John Torres at ICE and tell him that you support Elvira Arellano. Phone: (202) 514-5065 You can also email him at: john.torres@dhs.gov.

Sample Message: Shame on you for tearing mothers apart from their children! Shame on you for offering no path to legal status for millions of hard working families! I stand with Elvira Arellano and the millions like her.  I demand Elvira's immediate release, a moratorium on raids and deportations, and an end to the separation of families!

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