What would you say to Obama?

inaugurationToday, Barack Obama became the 44th President of our United States of America. We sent a text message to FIRM members and allies, asking them to text back a message to the new president. Here are a few we received:

This is a nation of immigrants. as one I am proud and elated to see a new dawn.

Pres. Obama, congratulations!! Were here all the way from Chicago to celebrate with you this new day for our country! Don't forget ur promise n commitment to immigrants, were counting on u for passage of just n humane Immigration Reform!

Thank you for steppinq up to such a home plate ! Changes in this experience of history is well needed. Expecially now. Indeed we know that it will take time for progress, but we are willinq to help each step of the way. Change is needed and needed is changed.

President Obama, you ran on hope, and hope is what we need. Hope not fear. End the raids and bring that hope to millions. Yes you can.

You are the one we have chosen to represent the change we want for the world. Do your best. <Veronica>

Don't forget the promise for an immigration reform..... And a dream act.

We are honored to have you serve this country! Thank you for bringing change to America and the world. a Ferrell and family. Silver Spring, MD

Text "justice" [justicia for spanish] to 69866 to join the movement and to send Barack Obama a message during his inaugural week.

And remember that tomorrow is a New Day for Immigration is TOMORROW. Come march, donate to support the cause and check out local events in your area - www.ANewDayforImmigration.org

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