What the noose means to immigrants

When they hang one of us, they hang us all. Lately reports across the country, not just the South, have been pouring out about nooses showing up in locker rooms, on cars, in police stations. Put there in the shadows, in acts of cowardice- to intimidate, to hurt, or simply to mock.

 Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport officials said a worker was fired after a hangman’s noose was found in an area under construction. The firing comes the same day nooses were found at a Home Depot in New Jersey.

And a Home Depot store has become but another site in a string of suspected racial bias incidents across the country involving nooses -- sinister symbols of segregation-era lynchings of blacks.

Several nooses have been found on New York's Long Island.

On Friday, police said that a construction supervisor had found a noose hanging from a door hinge at the Green Acres Mall in Valley Stream on Thursday -- the same day a noose was found on a fence at a public works garage in the Town of Hempstead.

On Wednesday, two nooses were found at another Long Island community's highway department garage. Late last month, a noose was found at a police department locker room. 

Now I'm all for free speech- but would putting a gun or a knife with some blood on it in someone's locker be considered couth, funny or appropriate? no.

Nooses are a symbol of death, and murder - very real and still with us today. It is an implement of oppression and aggression. Not just against black people, but against all people that have been marginalized, or have chosen to transgress unjust social norms.  Being noosed after interracial relations is a common theme amongst many of the murders.

As migrants cross borders physically and culturally, as LGBT folks cross heterosexual norms, and as all people of color continue to fight for the justice and respect we are do, the noose is a symbol of oppression and agression against all of our acts for liberty and justice in the US.

To paraphrase: When they came for my neighbor, I was silent. When they came for me, there was no one left to speak.