What do you do when your wife is deported?

I frankly don't know the answer to this question. Sure, first you seek a lawyer, you call the government non-stop, you fight to keep your family together as so many migrants and citizens facing the harsh realities of our outdated system have done before. But then what?

When your wife, or husband, or parent, or sister must board a plane to a country they may or may not know well, whose language they may or may not speak, what comes next? For many there is darkness. Some continue to fight the legal system. Some take their mission to the streets, to congress, to the people and they don't stop. These folks aren't just fighitng for their families any more- they are fighting for your and mine too.

Tony Wasilewski is just one of those fighters. Since his wife's deportation several months ago, he has been a part of the Dreams Across America tour across the country, he has testified before Congress on the STRIVE Act and he continues to share his story, becomig a leader in his community.

Watch Tony's story:


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