What are you saying about the DREAM Act?

With the DREAM Act coming up as a part of the Department of Defense Bill, many individuals are gearing up to push their members on this legislation. We'd like to know what you are saying about the DREAM Act- POST your thoughts here. Here are some thoughts that have been put together by Rich Stolz, Co-Director of FIRM:

- Sen. Durbin is intent on using the DOD Bill as a vehicle for the DREAM Act. While the strategy makes legislative sense to Congressional insiders, immigrant rights groups didn't push this strategy and are now fighting to make sure the DREAM Act won't fail on the Senate floor if it comes up for a vote.

- DREAM youth will need all our support to make sure the DREAM Act doesn't get gutted on the Senate floor by anti-immigrant forces who may try to kill it altogether or gut educational provisions in the bill

- the DREAM Act includes the option of military service as a path to citizenship in addition to the college option.  This is part of a compromise made years ago because there were youth that sought to enter the armed services.  The DREAM act allows the choice.

- DREAM students have waited for years watching their hopes, aspirations and opportunities fade as the DREAM Act failed to pass Congress.  If we have the chance to pass the DREAM act, we need to take it.    - If the DREAM Act does pass as part of the DOD Bill, we'll need to work together across movements to ensure that immigrant youth truly do have a viable choice to pursue educational opportunities and are not in any way tracked into military service as their only hope for legal status.   - If anything this calls for a genuine broadbased legalization program for the nation's undocumented immigrants, but the consequences of not passing the DREAM Act are dire, not only for the students that would be abandoned by Congress, but for the broader immigrant rights movement.