We're still glowing... Thanks Gov. Fletcher.

I'm still glowing from the recent round 0f elections that let America know- scapegoating immigrants won't get you votes. period. We already posted Duke's commentary on the Virginia elections where democrats re-took the state legislature after republicans tried to use a witch-hunt against immigrants to maintain power. Voters let them know, we care about our schools, we care about our communities, and we care about our state- and that line of thought ain't gonna cut it.

But you know, Virginia wasn't the only place this was true- and I wanted to take a moment to point out that Governor Fletcher of Kentucky was unable to maintain his seat of power... and it just tickles me... thanks Governor Fletcher.

Several months ago, after a record of poor governance and public displeasure with his leadership, Fletcher saw the writing on the wall. In a last ditch attempt to save his position, Fletcher launched fear-mongering tactics against communities throughout the state, saying that he was going to push for state police to be trained to hunt immigrants.

Well, the taxpayers let him know, that line of thought ain't gonna cut it. Saying it once isn't enough- the recent round of elections really showed that the American public is smarter than anti-immigration folks think they are. The election in 08 need to be about positive change, not blind hate.

ElectionsFIRM Admin