We’ll Say It Again: Not One Dollar for Trump’s Demands

We’ll Say It Again: Not One Dollar for Trump’s Demands

WASHINGTON, DC— FIRM issued the following response after Leader Pelosi and Leader Schumer met with President Trump to discuss budget negotiations. Kica Matos, spokeswoman for FIRM, said:

“We’ll say it again and louder for the people in the back: not one dollar for DHS—a rogue agency that has shown absolutely zero compassion towards immigrant and refugee communities. Our families’ lives should not be the bargaining chip for Trump’s wasteful and dangerous border wall. Since the election, Congressional Republicans have ignored the continuous attacks on our families and a President that will relentlessly attack anyone who looks, prays or speaks differently. The election made it clear that people want change, and they want solutions—not more of the same.

Today Minority Leaders Pelosi and Schumer did what was right, defending immigrant families in the face of hate. President Trump’s threat to shut down the government, and Congressional Republicans’ unwillingness to stand up against his harmful agenda, will hurt millions of people across the country. Congress must do its job and pass a clean budget before the December 21st deadline. We need a spending bill that doesn’t add to Trump’s deportation machine by funding private prisons, more immigration agents or the border wall.”



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