Welcoming Massachusetts: "We're created equal, no exceptions"

Today the Boston Globe published an article about the "Welcoming Massachusetts" campaign - in which more than 60 groups and 40 elected officials are promoting tolerance show their support for legislation that will benefit immigrants.

The group is working to "de-toxify" the current discourse surrounding the immigration debate, in order to create an enviornment where true debate, free of hate speech, can occur.

Maria Elena Letona, executive director of the Latin American organization Centro Presente said:

"The truth is that the political environment has been completely and totally poisoned by the loud voices of a few," she said after a press conference yesterday.

The question of how the United States should handle illegal immigrants, a debate that has escalated in recent years, has at times provoked anti-immigrant sentiment in cities across the country.

Organizers must first detoxify that environment, Letona said, or efforts to enact legislation will fail.

"That's what this campaign is about," she said. "It's about demonstrating that most people in Massachusetts are hospitable, are caring. We're created equal, no exceptions."

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