"We have a dream" - Youth Fast Against Deportations and Prince William County Laws

Below is an update from the Virginia Chapter of Barrios Unidas  on their fast for justice, definitely check out this link.

"We have a Dream"

44 years ago Martin Luther King Jr. gave his "I have a dream" speech to a nation that was divided, a nation suffering from the poison of injustice and racism. 44 year later on that same date (August 28th 2007), Latino youth from Fairfax County delivered their "We have a Dream" speech to a country once again divided, once again fractured by the bitter taste of racism and xenophobia that once sickened our nation.

Their concern about what is happening in Prince William county and other jurisdictions that have taken an inhumane stand against immigrants is self evident. Their desire to change the status quo is unquestionable as they are even willing to sacrifice and fast in order to bring any inkling of justice to our world. We hope that you download and share this speech with all youth, politicians, government officials, parents, and anyone that will hear the words of our young people.