We Demand an End to the Fear

From: Pueblo Sin Fronteras and All Supporting Organizations

Contact: Roberto Lopez 773-671-1727/Rev. Walter Coleman 773-671-1755

Press Conference

Wednesday, April 25th 2007 10am Protest 10:30 Press Conference Office of The Attorney General Kluczynski Building 230 S. Dearborn

Community Outrage at Intimidation on hundreds of Mexicans and Little Village Residents conducted by I.C.E. agents on Tuesday during raid.

An operation of terror conducted in the heart of the Mexican Community prompts protests and a call to the city to unite for a just immigration reform.

The heart of Mexican Community of Little Village witnessed the Department of Homeland Security I.C.E. and its SWAT-styled "Special Response Team" lock the doors of the Discount mall, Seal the entrance and exits and begin a round up of approximately 100-200 mall shoppers, vendors or passersby.   I.C.E. says that they came to execute warrants but according to Jesus Carlin, Sin Fronteras Youth Leader "They tried to execute the heart of our community and warn us not to march" he continued saying" "Their actions are clear to disrespect our community and children and to intimidate us."

Hundreds of community residents, youth, church and community leaders came out to protest these actions and declared that "MAY 1 st, We will March" and held signs denouncing these actions.  Rev. Coleman who is on 19th day of hunger strike along with Elvira Arellano says "We have a federal government that is at war with a whole city, as if we were a foreign country and attack us. This city will stand together and when we march on May 1 st we will fill the loop as a whole city"  

Protest Schedule9:30am-10:30pm Protest the immigration service as they hold a press conference at the office of Attorney General at 230 S. Dearborn 10:30pm Unity Press Conference