Voces de la Frontera: Do you have to be Lou Dobbs to have a voice in the immigration debate -- follow-up

lou_dobbs-1.jpg A few weeks ago we told you about the great rally idea from Voces de la Frontera in Wisconsin where they posed the question: "Do You Have to be Lou Dobbs to be a part of the Immigration Debate"

After the rally, Christine Neumann-Ortiz , Executive Director of Voces, appeared on Lou Dobbs' show with a clear message:

"The only way the American working people will progress in this country is if we stop looking at [undocumented workers] as competitors and instead give them the legal rights they need to stand up, shoulder-to-shoulder, with American workers and improve wages and working conditions in this country."

We thought the photo above was great, and we're always looking for new and creative rally ideas- post them here!

Also, here is some of the follow-up press from the event:

Local news channel 4 (some video)

Local news channel 12

Sheperd Express