VIDEO: Update - McCain unofficially "responds" to Survey on CNN

As I posted on Tuesday, the Sanctuary has yet to hear back from John McCain regarding the survey they sent his camp last month. Obama's campaign officially responded to the questions that are at the center of Latino issues for the upcoming election. McCain's, however, has yet to directly respond to the questions. This morning, Kety Esquivel, founder of, appeared on CNN for the second time to discuss the survey. CNN featured Leslie Sanchez as an unofficial mouthpiece for the McCain camp. Watch their discussion below:

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From Citzen Orange:

There you have it.  It's not directly from the mouth of John McCain but it's clear that the McCain campaign officially responded through Leslie Sanchez.  Some of the strongest voices in the Latino blogosphere have been tossed aside because they're like the Huffington Post. 

Sanchez suggests McCain has been paying attention to Latinos by pointing to the four Latino events he attended in the last month, but it was during those events that the idea for the questionnnaire came about.  The candidates were speaking in soundbites, not with substance.  I was in San Diego, too, and the audience didn't look very left-of-center, to me.

It's good to know McCain doesn't think we're worth his time.  It certainly tells me something about who the most pro-migrant candidate is.