VIDEO: This Brave Nation

The new series "This Brave Nation" is reminding us that together, we can achieve change. Each 30-minute episode produced by the project features a one-on-one conversation between progressive icons. Those featured include Tom Hayden, Dolores Huerta, Carl Pope, Bonnie Raitt, and Pete Seeger, and rising stars like Majora Carter, Van Jones, Naomi Klein, Ava Lowery and Anthony Romero. Each episode brings us a unique conversation about influences, personal choices, activism and the fight for humanity that unites us. At a time when our country feels divided and we are working towards solidarity for a better future, "This Brave Nation" reaffirms the soul of our movement and strengthens our resolve for change.

Below is the trailer for the most recent episode - a conversation between activist musician Bonnie Raitt and veteran organizer Delores Huerta. For the full video, and for the other episodes, click here.

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