VIDEO: Elizabeth Dole Gets Desperate

With Republicans scrambling to maintain a grip on the already waivering power of the GOP, Immigration has emerged as the new and trendy wedge issue. By capitalizing on an already illogical fear and hatred of immigrants that is marring our national debate on the issue, candidates are hoping to gain support with anti-immigrant rhetoric. Senator Elizabeth Dole, from North Carolina, has recently bought her first campaign media spot and produced the video below.

Dole is obviously counting on the immigration debate to bolster support in NC... in spite of the fact that many already know this tactic will self-destruct...


The ad, which seems to imply that immigrant=criminal, fails to take into account the impact that a mass arrest and deportation strategy would have on the already sagging economy in North Carolina. As a North Carolinian, I understand the amount of immigrants that work to support my home state's economy and the number of families that are there working towards a better life.