VICTORY in MS!: Howard Employees Receive Paychecks

After protests and pressure from immigrants' rights organization MIRA (Mississippi Immigrant Rights Alliance), Howard Industries will release the last paychecks of the employees arrested in the August 25th ICE Raid on Howard Industries in Laurel, MS. Advocates and family members have been fighting for Howard to release the paychecks since the raid last month. Many of the families left in the aftermath of the raid are desperate for financial support, with no way to earn money while waiting for their trials and the trials of loved ones.

The release of the paychecks is a huge victory.

MIRA announced that the organization would pick up the checks at a meeting in Laurel Sunday afternoon (9/21). By 7 p.m. Monday(9/22), approximately 500 vehicles were parked outside of MIRA's regular meeting venue in Laurel.

"People were flocking," said Elvis Cintra, an MIRA employee. "I had to tell them to go home tonight because I don't have the checks in my hand. They are desperate."

MIRA will have to process and verify each check before it is disbursed to the appropriate families.

In the mean time, advocates and allies will continue to fight for the rights of immigrants facing criminalization in ICE raids.

For now, I hope they enjoy this victory!