Victory for Florida Farmworkers!

On May 23rd, the Coalition of Immokalee Workers (CIW) and Burger King announced plans to work together to improve wages and working conditions for the farmworkers who harvest tomatoes for the Burger King system in Florida. The agreement is considered a huge victory for CIW, which has long been fighting for fair wages and treatment of Immolakee farmworkers.

Burger King now joins McDonalds and Yum! Brands in their support of better wages and conditions for farmworkers.

Some highlights of the agreeement include:

  •  BK will pay an additional net penny per pound for Florida tomatoes, to increase the wages of the farmworkers who harvest them. To encourage grower participation in this increased wage program, BK will also pay incremental payroll taxes and administrative costs incurred by the growers as a result of their farmworkers' increased wages, or a total of 1.5 cents per pound of tomatoes.
  • BK also joins other fast-food industry leaders and the CIW in calling for an industry-wide net penny per pound surcharge to increase wages for Florida tomato harvesters.
  •  Together, BK and the CIW have also established zero tolerance guidelines for certain unlawful activities that require immediate termination of any grower from the Burger King supply chain. The BK/CIW collaboration additionally provides for farmworker participation in the monitoring of growers' compliance with the company's vendor code of conduct.

You can click here to view a photo report of the joint press conference where BK and CIW announced the agreement.

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