USSF and the end of the Senate Bill

Well folks 102 and 17 are two numbers sticking in my head right now. 102- because that's how hot it feels here in Atlanta at the US Social Forum, FIRM is here learning and connecting with other grassroots organizations from around the country (That's why we haven't written much in the last 36 hours... and will be fairly non comunicado through Monday, bear with us!) After a two hour march through the heart of atlanta yesterday, we've begun three days of over 9,000 workshops where energies are high and creative juices are flowing. If you're here- shoot me an email with title USSF and we can meet up!

More thoughts to come from the USSF later - tomorrow night will be the main plenary on immigrant rights and we are all looking forward to that discussion.

17 - the number of votes that we didn't get for the senate immigration bill. As most of you know by now, the immigration bill in the senate failed to receive the necessary number of votes for cloture.

We've got more  information coming on that soon- but for now I'd like to thank our allies at Casa de Maryland for joining us in the Senate building this morning as we worked to hit senators on their way to vote. We were able to reach several representatives, and no matter that outcome, our voices were heard.

I'll write more soon, but for now take care and stay cool!