URGENT Action Alert- Critical Week in the Senate

Urgent Action Alert: Week of June 4 On Monday, June 4 the Senate returns from recess to begin debate on S. 1348, the comprehensive immigration reform bill.  More than 100 amendments have been filed, and a couple dozen may be voted on.  This alert focuses on just some of those amendments that could have the greatest impact on the debate next week.  More will come.  For further information, contact Rich Stolz at rstolz@communitychange.org.

Support Families & Civil Liberties •The Clinton-Hagel Amendment (SA 1183) to ensure that the spouses and children of legal permanent immigrants can immigrant into the United States to be with their family members. •The Menendez-Hagel Amendment (SA 1194) to ensure that the entire family backlog already in line to become legal permanent residents will get addressed.  The current bill would essentially toss all applications filed after May 2005. •The Obama-Menendez Amendment (SA 1202) to sunset the point system after five years.  The Senate never had the opportunity to debate the system out in the open; the result is a proposal that would gut family-sponsored immigration. •The Lieberman Amendment (SA 1191) to improve treatment of immigrants seeking asylum and to establish clear standards for treatment of immigrants in detention.

Oppose Attacks on Civil Liberties and Immigrants •The Cornyn Amendment (SA 1184) that would further erode the civil liberties of immigrants. •The Cornyn Amendment (SA 1250) that would gut confidentiality protections for legalization applicants. •The Allard Amendment (SA 1189) that would undermine access to green cards for legalized immigrants. Call your Senators – 1-800-417-7666 in English or 1-800-882-2005 en Espanol – and give them an earful as they return to Congress.