UPDATE: Obama Responds to Sanctuary, McCain Still Silent

Many of you will remember the survey that the Sanctuary sent to both presidential candidates over the summer. It asked real questions about their stance on immigration issues. For a refresher check out posts here and here. Last week, the Sanctuary finally released Obama's answers to the survey (though they were quickly amended by the campaign). McCain has yet to respond, which thwarts the whole reason for the survey - a truthful comparison of the candidates on the issue. From the Sanctuary:

While our original intent was to present a meaningful side-by-side comparison of the policies and positions of all presidential candidates in order to better inform voters, Senator McCain's unwillingness to answer our questions, or to go on the record with his positions on the specific details covered in the questionnaire, has made this impossible. Senator McCain's reluctance is all the more troubling in light of the fact that his previously published positions, available on his website, appear to directly contradict those in the official platform coming out of the Republican National Convention earlier this month. This has left many of us who are concerned about immigration reform at a loss to know exactly where the Senator actually stands on vital issues.

It is worth noting that upon the Sanctuary's release of Obama's responses, they were immediately contacted by the campaign asking that they wait for "new, fresher responses" from the Democratic candidate.

Check out the Sanctuary's post for the responses (and amendments) from the Obama camp.

I would love to be able to report on McCain's responses too, but, we are still waiting...