UPDATE: More than 100 Protest the Houston Raid

There is a great report from Para Justicia y Libertad about community members protesting last Wednesday's ICE raid at Action Rags USA in Houston, TX. Below is a little bit of detailed information on the raid and the protest:

More than 100 community members and organizations met in front of the George Thomas “Mickey” Leland Federal Building yesterday to denounce the raid that took place Wednesday at Action Rags U.S.A. in the heart of Houston’s East End. According to local CBS affiliate, KHOU, agents arrested 166 of the 186 employees. ICE released 73 people who had medical problems or were sole care providers. Another 20 were released by cause they either were here legally or were born here. So here is the break down:

166 - arrested -20 - released, here legally ——— 146 - remaining -73 - released for medical problems ——— 73 - detained

The remain 73 who are detained, 70 of them are women, so only 3 of them are men.

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