Update: Mexican's Death Bares a Town's Ethnic Tension

The New York Times has picked up the story of the fatal beating of Luis Ramirez in Shenandoah, PA. In an article from yesterday, the Times explores the ethnic tensions that have been brought out by the murder and Shenandoah's proximity to Hazelton, where an anti-immigrant measure was passed last year.

The article also notes that this case may be a tipping point in the push back on hate crimes against Latinos.

The case has raised similar concerns among Latinos across the country.

“For many Latinos, this is a case of enough is enough,” said Gladys Limón, a staff lawyer for the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund. “And it can help us get attention to the wider issue that this is happening all over the country, not just to illegal immigrants, but legal, and anyone who is perceived to be Latino.”