UPDATE: Ike's Aftermath

People across the Gulf Coast are struggling to recover from the damage inflicted by Hurricane Ike this past weekend. The NY Times reports:

So far, the colossal storm has been blamed for at least 30 deaths in eight states across the United States, including seven in Texas, six in Louisiana and one in Arkansas, The Associated Press reported. Many of the deaths occurred in states far from the Gulf Coast, as Ike, now a tropical depression, cut a path through the Midwest, knocking down trees, flooding streets, and destroying homes.

In Texas, rescue workers expressed fears that more bodies were still to be found in unexplored areas swamped by the hurricane’s storm surge, including the Bolivar Peninsula, a spit of land just east of Galveston, where the storm surge was at its most intense and many houses were reduced to rubble.

As the rescue efforts continue, millions are left without power and are faced with dwindling supplies. At Para Justicia y Libertad XicanoPwr blogs about the disparity in power restoration and also gives us a first-hand account of the post-hurricane scene.

And, as la Mala at VivirLatino points out, many of the demographics from the areas most affected (like Galveston and Bolivar in Texas) are being kept out of the public eye.

It looks like we will know little about the fate of immigrants in the area until the recovery effort is further underway. We will be sure to keep you posted.