UPDATE: FAIR Founder's Racism Exposed

Almost two weeks ago I posted on the exposure of the Hate Group FAIR (Federation for American Immigration Reform). The group was upset about an ad that ran in various political magazines and showed the group's racist ties and roots. FAIR claims that they are victims of a "smear campaign" and deny any racism in their anti-immigration message. Well, thanks to the folks at the Southern Poverty Law Center and their continued research into this topic, there has been even more evidence uncovered that proves FAIR's racist roots. From the SPLC blog:

...the papers of John Tanton, the retired Michigan opthamologist who has been the most important figure in the modern American anti-immigration movement for three decades. The papers, which include more than 20 years of letters from the founder of the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) and a batch of other nativist groups, contain explosive material about Tanton’s beliefs. They also show that FAIR, where Tanton still serves as a member of the board, has been well aware of Tanton’s views and activities for years.

Tanton has long claimed that he is no racist — that, in fact, he came to his immigration restrictionism through progressive concerns for population control and the environment, not disdain for the foreign born. He characterizes himself as a “fair person,” and on his website he condemns the “unsavory characters whose views can easily be characterized as anti-American, anti-Semitic and outright racist.”

Fair enough. But what do Tanton’s letters have to say?

As it turns out, quite a lot.

What follows is example after example of John Tanton's tendencies towards eugenics, white supremacy and racially motivated stances on immigration.

I believe the post speaks for itself - you should all read it.