Unveiling: Monument to Nation's Broken Immigration System

***For Immediate Release***     8/7/2007  Contact: Dave Moore, Voces de la Frontera, (414) 643-1620 WHITEWATER IMMIGRATION RAID: ONE YEAR LATER

GROUPS TO UNVEIL STAR PACKAGING ‘MONUMENT’ WEDNESDAY On August 8, a first anniversary commemoration of the raid at Star Packaging will unveil a mock Wisconsin Historical Marker at the site and formally declare the factory’s empty shell “a monument to the nation’s broken immigration system”.

Wednesday’s 10am press conference, to be held outside the factory, will begin with the unveiling and be followed by brief addresses from speakers including Executive Director of Voces de la Frontera, Christine Neumann-Ortiz, Jorge Islas, Vice President of Sigma America, and workers affected by the raid.

Christine Neumann-Ortiz explains: “One year later, Whitewater is still hurting. A good local business is all but closed, 90 local jobs have gone, families have been scarred by deportations, others continue to fight.”

“The empty shell of the factory has come to represent everything that is wrong with our broken immigration system. We need the federal government to step up and deliver on comprehensive reform so there are no more tragedies like this.”

“The historic marker symbolizes our hope for the future – a future with a just immigration system. As we remember the suffering of the past year, we also remember other struggles throughout our history where humanity has ultimately prevailed.”

In addition to the press conference, a vigil will be held at the factory site from 8am-10am and 5pm-8pm. A delegation will also attend the 11am sentencing of a former Star Packaging worker. PRESS CONFERENCE WHEN / WHERE

10.00am-10.15am, August 8, 2007 Star Packaging, 960 E. Milwaukee St, Whitewater, WI 53190 BACKGROUND:

On August 8, 2006, heavily armed immigration police raided the Whitewater Star Packaging factory and arrested the owner and 25 workers. The effects on a good local business - and on the small community to which it contributed so much - were devastating, with all but a handful of workers losing their jobs.

Capital Times - Whitewater factory struggles to stay open after worker raid http://www.madison.com/tct/mad/topstories/201787


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