Undocumented Immigrants Pay Taxes in Record Numbers

taxes_1.jpg The Tax-man cometh to us all, and our team at FIRM is no different. We have postmarked our taxes and sent them off to the good old IR of S. As our co-workers, families and friends do the same, we are reminded that all of our hard earned dollars go towards building the infrastructure of our country. We all contribute - including undocumented immigrants.

That's right. Though certain anti-immigrant organizations would spread the lie that immigrants do not give back to our country, a recent article in the New York Times today highlights the contribution of immigrants, including those that are undocumented, who want to be a part of this country and who want to give of themselves to our community.

"In Raleigh, N.C., a tax preparer found 350 immigrants waiting outside his office at 7 a.m., including one dragging a suitcase that held $14,000 in cash for back taxes. In Baltimore, a community agency offering free tax help that was deserted the day after 69 people were rounded up in immigration raids elsewhere in the city was crowded again within 24 hours."

Despite the increasing fear of raids and deportations spread by the Bush administration, immigrants are coming out in RECORD numbers to report their taxes and pay what they owe. This is an amazing story given the intense climate of marginalization and destruction that the BUSH administration has wreaked on our immigrant communities. It is incredible that so many immigrants are STANDING UP and showing the courage to come forward and engage. Read the rest of the story HERE