Undocumented Asian Students Speak Out

An article from New American Media talks about the lives of undocumented Asian American students in California. Forty percent of undocumented undergraduate students in California are of Asian descent.

Although about 40 percent of undocumented undergraduate students are Asian, according to an annual report by the University of California's Office of the President, the API community is not as open about the immigration issue as the Latino community.

"When you have the Asian students, there is a sense of secrecy and shame." said Stephanie, who asked the Pacific Citizen to only use her first name because of potential risk to her employment.

Stephanie and UCLA graduate Tam Tran have spoken out about their experiences as undocumented college students, seeking to raise awareness of the issue and gather support for legislation that will offer them a pathway to legalization.

There are so many students who deserve a chance to pursue higher education and the possibility of success after that. This article gives us more reasons why the DREAM Act is necessary and should be supported.