Trump’s Games Are Destroying Immigrants’ Lives

For Immediate Release: February 15, 2018

Trump’s Games Are Destroying Immigrants’ Lives

(WASHINGTON)—Kica Matos, spokesperson for the Fair Immigration Reform Movement, FIRM, issued the statement below after the Senate failed to pass the bipartisan DREAM Act:

“Millions of young immigrants’ lives have been turned upside down since Trump heartlessly ended DACA without a permanent legislative solution in place. And, instead of allowing a bipartisan group of Senators pass the most popular solution—the DREAM Act—he has acted like a wrecking ball, meddling in the negotiation process and destroying the delicate conversations that have focused on protecting the future of millions of lives at stake.

Sadly, too many Senators sided with Trump’s racist agenda and turned their backs on immigrant youth. They failed to stand up to Trump’s tactics and bring the bipartisan DREAM Act up for a vote. But, it is evident that his extremist agenda doesn’t pass muster—his plan was strongly rejected in the Senate today.

The fight for justice continues at the local, state and federal level. There is a solution to the chaos Trump created and it’s called the DREAM Act. Now America must stand up for what’s right and demand that Congress pass it.”