Toxic Immigration Ransom Note Threatens Our Democracy

For Immediate Release: January 25, 2018   

Toxic Immigration Ransom Note Threatens Our Democracy

(WASHINGTON)—Today the White House rolled out its immigration proposal. The following is the reaction of Kica Matos, Fair Immigration Reform Movement spokesperson:

“The white supremacists who operate in the White House without hoods have hijacked the immigration debate in our country, attempting to hold young, undocumented immigrants hostage in exchange for a vile, extremely racist agenda that will drag our country back to the pre-civil rights era. The proposed immigration framework is also another attempt by the White House to undermine the delicate, bipartisan work happening in Congress.

Extreme cuts to legal immigration include eliminating family reunification and ending the diversity visa program. Not to mention $25 billion dollars for a ridiculous border wall. Let us not forget Trump promised that Mexico would fund his ludicrous idea.

This framework is the antithesis to who we are as Americans and the values we claim as ours. Family is the cornerstone of our communities. Instead of bringing our country together, this Administration has sowed the seeds of division and hate towards immigrants, leaving the state of our union bleak.”