Too little too late for Steve Levy

lucero3As you know, recently an Ecuadorian immigrant named Marcello Lucero was brutally beaten to death on Long Island. His attackers were a group of young boys who were out to looking for "some mexicans" to beat up. The murder occurred in Suffolk County, where the County Executive, Steve Levy, has made a name for himself by pushing an extreme anti-immigrant agenda. There is a clear connection between the county policies that have targeted immigrants and the xenophobic violence that these boys displayed.

Since taking office in 2004, Levy has fought for and signed legislation to bar undocumented immigrants from working for county contractors and county licensees. He also invited federal immigration officials to the county jail and has had harsh relations with Long Island immigrant activists.

However, even after the brutal murder, Levy continued with his anti-immigrant rhetoric, stating that the incident was receiving too much coverage and that it should only be a "one-day" story.

Thankfully, two days later, Levy issued a mea culpa apologizing for his statements. However, this is too little, too late for a community that is being torn apart by hate.