TODAY, every Wednesday: Nationwide Grassroots Calls On Comprehensive Immigration Reform

I think it is safe to say that we have all been VERY concerned by the recent allegations of back door deals with the White House, and the inability of the Senate to find strong bi-partisan leadership for an immigration reform bill. What keeps me going in this process is the knowledge that:  the Bush administration can not be stopped from raiding and deporting our communities, those forced to live in the shadows without documentation can't find stability, and thousands of DREAM students across the country will continue to graduate without the hope of higher education, if we are unable to pass a GOOD comprehensive immigration reform bill NOW. In order for all of us to continue together in this process, we need to continue the communication and the dialogue among grassroots advocates and our communities.

The Coalition for Comprehensive Immigration Reform is launching a series of nationwide calls to bring us in closer dialogue with one another. Thanks to Maurice Belanger of the National Immigration Forum for forwarding this message. See the information below to be a part of this new push:

The Coalition for Comprehensive Immigration Reform is organizing a conference call for activists TODAY, Wednesday May 9.  Specifics about the call are included in the alert.  If you plan to get on the call, you must RSVP to Tom Derbach, (not to me). (You  must RSVP to get the call in info)  The Coalition plans to sponsor one of these calls every Wednesday. 

Pressure is increasing on Senators to finalize an acceptable deal to begin considering comprehensive immigration reform legislation.  The Coalition has extended its “Call-in” Days to tell Senators to get to work on comprehensive immigration reform.  Please contact your Senators.  This is a standing request; over the next couple of weeks, if Majority leader Reid takes up an immigration bill on the floor of the Senate next week as planned, Senators will be under tremendous pressure from anti-immigrant activists who do not reform passed.  The number to call is 1-800-417-7666.  Follow the instructions on the recorded message. Flyers about the call in days can be found here in English:

and in Spanish: