This Tide of Meanness Needs to Stop

I am encouraged by the Charlotte Observer article that was published in my home state of North Carolina today. As I posted earlier this week, North Carolina is a state caught in the middle of the raging immigration debate. Senator Elizabeth Dole is using this anti-immigrant video as the linchpin of her Senatorial bid during the upcoming elections.

Mecklenberg County (home to Charlotte) has signed onto legislation aimed at coordinated local enforcement of federal immigration laws (a 287(g) agreement).

And William Gheen, of ALIPAC has all but declared war on immigrants in the state:

“We have a destructive human tsunami headed our way,” said William Gheen of Americans for Legal Immigration, a political action committee based in Raleigh that pushes anti-immigrant legislation. “N.C. lawmakers must act now to protect American jobs, tax resources and lives. Our state must … batten down the hatches immediately.”

I am fearful for my home state and feel disconnected from the debate from my current residence in Washington, DC. So I am relieved and hopeful to hear a voice of humanity and reason coming from the Charlotte Observer.