Third Debate and No End to the Silence on Immigration

Again, Wedensday night's debate between Barack Obama and John McCain gave no indication about where either candidate stands on immigration. Despite pressure put on both the candidates and the moderator, Bob Schieffer, the debate at Hofstra University continued the pattern of emphasis on the economy, healthcare and the War in Iraq.


However, immigration is involved in all of these issues. By silencing themselves on immigrantion, both Obama and McCain are refusing to address large portions of the issues American's are concerned about.

As  Marisa Treviño at Latina Lista points out: Immigration is ALL about the Economy.

Too often immigration is seen as a negative separate influence on the nation’s economy. Yet, a new report shows that immigration has a much more positive impact on the future health and stability of the nation’s economy when it’s looked at via Main Street USA.

A recent report released by the University of Nebraska at Omaha backs up the connection between immigration and the economy. A connection that, according to the report, would help to bolster are struggling economy.

...the researchers found that the state’s immigrants pay in about 7 percent more than what they use in government support. Also, if immigrants were removed from the state’s labor force in key industries like meat processing or construction, the state’s production would lose $13.5 billion.

In these times, where every dollar counts in helping faltering state and city economies, it seems foolhardy for either candidate not to address the immigration issue..

And yet, there was only a brief mention of immigration in the debate, when McCain accused Obama of misrepresenting his position on immigration in the much-covered Spanish Language Ad wars.

In the hours after the debate, pundits and talking heads leaped into action, reporting as though they were covering a sporting event and recalling, play-by-play, who performed well and who did not.

This is hardly helpful for the American public who deserves REAL answers from the potential future president(s). They certianly missed their opportunity.