Update: The Truth About Postville

Thanks to all of you who commented on last week's post "The Truth About Postville". I believe that that Dr. Camayd-Freixas's report could represent a true turning-point in our country's immigration debate - it will open people's eyes to the injustice being carried out in the name of "homeland security". However, to those who posted stating things like:

They deserve even more punishment than they received...

What about those immigrants who play by the rules? And the rest of us who do, too?


These people are ILLEGAL - send them back to where they came from. If they go through the proper channels and become legal immigrants BEFORE they cross our borders then they are welcome. Since they did not follow proper procedures - they are ILLEGAL and should be arrested, tried and impisoned!

I feel that I must remind you that many of the so called "illegals" you feel such strong hatred for are people who DID come through the legal channels, and were victims of increasing backlogs who then overstayed their visas.

In addition, ICE's policy of "enforcement only" seems to not make any clear distinction between those who have proper documents and those who do not. Take for example, this story, of a woman who had all of the proper paperwork entitling her to work in the U.S., but was arrested in her home by ICE agents at 4:30am.




And to those of you who posted stating things like:

we are faced not with "hard working immigrants trying to feed their families" but with an outright invasion. I've seen police statistics that show Mexican gangs with over 100,000 members (collectively), the K13 group nationwide, the norteños and sureños in California and, most recently, a pocket of K13's centered around Virginia. These are not just simple people trying to make a living; they are vicious criminals who take what they want and kill remorselessly. It's very hard to take the comments of this well-known interpreter seriously when there is much deliberate criminality associated with illegal immigrants.

I ask you if our country is now safer because nearly 400 obviously hard-working people, who put in day after day, working in slave labor conditions, were arrested and shuffled unfairly through our "justice system"? It is a well-known fact that cable-news personalities like Lou Dobbs have extremely overstated the association of immigrants with criminality. I'm all for making public safey a priority, but when you are arresting and targeting the wrong people, how are you increasing the safety of the public?

From Media Matters - "Fear and Loathing in Prime Time" -

There is no evidence to indicate that undocumented immigrants are more likely to commit crimes than American citizens; indeed, the evidence strongly suggests that immigrants in general are less likely to commit crimes.2  For instance, a 2005 study 3 conducted by researchers from Harvard University and the University of Michigan revealed both that immigrants committed fewer crimes than native-born citizens, and that a greater proportion of immigrants in a neighborhood was associated with lower rates of crime.

 Make sure to do your research - you will find that your automatic association of immigrants with criminals is not only statistically unsound, it is very thinly veiled prejudice against "the other".