The Raids in Annapolis - Locked and Loaded

According to an article published this week, inhumane tactics were used by Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents during last weeks raids in in Annapolis, Maryland. ICE agents raided worksites and private homes in an attempt to crack down on undocumented migrants in the area. And crack down they did. According to many of the witnesses, doors and windows were kicked in, guns were brandished and residents were terrorized.

Take Eduardo Delgado. His front door was smashed down by police before he was taken into custody.

Ingrid Munoz, an American citizen married to a legal resident who worked for Annapolis Painting Services, said she woke up when agents pounded on her door. They wouldn't let her or her husband get dressed, so she answered their questions wearing a tank top, her underwear and a towel.

The white wooden door frame on Jaclyn Munoz's house off Forest Drive was splintered when agents broke into her home. She's not even an illegal immigrant, she said.

Shannon Brown, an American citizen, said when her boyfriend opened their door, the house was surrounded by at least 20 agents. One pointed a gun at him, yelling in Spanish.

"He doesn't even speak Spanish," she said.

They searched the apartment while she got her two daughters, ages 4 and 7, out. She didn't want them to see the raid.

All of this in order to apprehend hard-working people, not criminals. These are people with families they are working to support and care for. "Handcuffs are not meant for working hands."

In the opinion of one immigrant rights advocate, these tactics will hurt both ICE and local law enforcement in the end.

"Immigration is a civil offense, not a criminal offense," he said. "So when they act like this, what they're doing is scaring people and breaking the trust that people have in law enforcement."