The Long Road to America

New America Media has published an article that gives much greater scope to the current immigration phenomenon in the U.S.

Starting from the viewpoint of Vietnamese refugee, the piece works its way to current day immigration issues.

He [the Vietnamese refugee] said: ''I understand why the Hispanic cross the U.S. borders. All human beings have the right to pursue happiness, welfare, peaceful life for himself or herself and family. This right is blessed by God.''

The article also describes the dangers faced by migrants as they cross the Southwest U.S. border.

''Migrants almost don’t know about difficulties in the desert. Most of them didn’t go to school much so they don’t know the weather in Sonora is just like in Arizona. In the summer, it could be 125 degrees. They don’t bring enough water. They don’t even know it’s very cold in winter, sometimes under zero degrees.

''Cactus thorns are another issue. Most of them (refugees) walk at night to save energy so it’s very easy to tangle into thorns. Snakes could be seen everywhere. When they are tired, they lay down right on a snake hole. Trails are hilly, very dangerous,'' Celaya said.

Celaya also said one of the reason causes migrants die of thirst is getting lost.

''Without knowledge, they just follow the sun till they get lost. Sometimes, they are in an area for many days without figuring out which direction is correct. Since 1994, about 5,000 people have died in the desert.''

I encourage each of you to read the full article, its worth your time.