The Lies, Distortions and Fabrications of F.A.I.R.

Today, there is a great post on Eristic Ragemail discussing the many unfounded claims of FAIR (the Federation for American Immigration Reform). The group, which was listed as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center, continues to be quoted consistently by mainstream media, with no regard to their extremist tendencies or funding sources.

A perennial canard of the nativists, and of FAIR, is the wholly untrue claim that immigrants overload the welfare system (such as it is). Undocumented immigrants are ineligible for welfare no matter how poor they may be. In fact, undocumented workers, contribute more in taxes and social security payments that they will ever see. Rather than being a burden, undocumented workers actually subsidize the Social Security fund and other social programs.

One can dissect almost every issue raised by FAIR and demonstrate its falsity or distortion. So why does FAIR continue to be trusted as a source of reliable information when so much of what they put out is patently untrue? The answer lies partly in the nativist network that FAIR and other nativist groups such as NumbersUSA have built.

There are many people who continue to buy into immigration myths propagated by the nativist network - they should know the truth.

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